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Ultra High Security Underground Fuel Tank Lock

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This unique underground fuel tank lock takes fuel anti theft to a whole new level. This lock for fuel tanks with 4″ fill pipe is simple, a three step installation process is all you need to secure your fuel and it covers the entire fill-pipe fitting. When thieves can steal thousands of dollars worth of fuel in just a few minutes, only the best anti theft will do. Extensively cold tested.



  • Non-exposed locking system
  • Entirely covers fill-pipe, no exposed shackle.
  • Made of cast aluminium, not plastic
  • Completely airtight, stops vapors.


  • Detailed Specifications
    Completely outclasses low-end cheap alternatives
  • Made with highly ductile aluminium
  • No obvious weakness
  • Compatible with North American specifications
  • Many units with the same key available.
  • Fits any 4″ pipe, even wine tanks.

Additional information

  • Weight 6 lb
  • Width 14 in
  • Length 14 in
  • Height 8 in



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