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Ultimate Parking Enforcement Wheel Boot

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Universal Boot #1 Regular is for wheel sizes to 215MM/8.5″ in width.

It will fit anything from a small sub-compact economy car to a regular pick-up. This car boot fits on a wide array of different wheels and tires. If you want a really tough wheel immobilizer that will provide outstanding resistance and generate high revenue for your parking operation, look no further.

This is the model of our line-up most used by booting contractors, municipalities, university campuses and private parking operators. 1-piece aluminum alloy design (no on-site assembly) Extremely hard to remove forcibly.

Light in weight (24 lbs) but high in security. No welds means you can repair it yourself! ALL parts can be replaced! This means boots have a much longer life Entirely made in North America

Click here to download the installation instructions (Quick Cover version)

Click here to download the installation instructions (Wrench version)


Ultimate Wheel Boot for parking and anti-theft.

Our products versus the competition:

  • EASE OF USE: A 30-second tool-free installation procedure is all it takes to fully secure a vehicle. NO adapters or tools to lose or break, NO complex on-site assembly and NO fuss. Nothing as effective is easier to use.
  • STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE: Aluminum,1/5th the weight of tubular steel, allows for very impressive, highly deterrent and VERY strong designs. Best of all, NO vulnerable welds to grind or hammer at. Adjustable wheel cover safely and securely covers lug-nuts to prevent wheel removal.
  • LESS DOWNTIME: Our boots spend more time on the street, generating revenue, and less time broken and useless. Parts can be replaced by your staff, keeping the boots in working order for years to come.
  • LOW REPLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS / MULTIPLE UNITS NOT REQUIRED: Some competitors will recommend you over-purchase and proceed by attrition, others recommend that multiple units be installed for better security. Avoid this nonsense with a truly secure and effective product.
  • FULL MANUFACTURER SUPPORT: We offer plentiful replacement part supplies, and our staff is always present to receive, repair and return locks that are sent in. Products are returned to our Champlain, NY warehouse. Just another precaution put into place to ensure our boots totally outlast the competition and generate more revenue.


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