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Ultimate Anti-Theft Wheel Boot

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The Ultimate Anti-Theft Wheel Boot is for wheels up to 215MM/8.5″ wide. It will fit anything from a small sub-compact economy car to a regular pick-up, including most trailers.

If you want a really tough wheel immobilizer that will provide outstanding theft protection keeping high value goods secure, look no further.

We have been perfecting and improving this design for years. Aside from its amazing popularity in parking enforcement, this model is used to protect very high value goods and it will keep yours safe.


Recommended for:
• Compressors
• Generators
• Hauling trailers
• Boat trailers
• Cars in storage
• Snowmobile trailers
• Tool trailers
• Construction equipment
• Portable lighting equipment
• Portable electric roadsigns
• Etc…

Note: For trailers with wheel sizes 235mm and up, please see our Fat Boy immobilizer.


Click here to download the installation instructions (Wrench version)



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