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Single E-Series Skidsteer Control Lever Lock

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This fantastic removable skid-steer lock is extremely easy to use and snaps in place very quickly. It locks one control lever in position preventing unauthorized movement of your equipment when left unattended in storage or at job site.


Some models of Gehl®, Mustang®, ASV®/Terex® and all of Belle® skid loaders may not have holes in the protective cage below the drive controls. Additionally, Caterpillar® skid loaders with enclosed cabs (ONLY) may have stationary glass or a square steel plate for directions at drive control level. John Deere® skid loaders with enclosed cabs (ONLY) may have a door that tilts inward. These circumstances may prohibit the Skidsteer Lock or E-Series Skidsteer Lock from being installed in the normal fashion. JCB Robot®, Kubota®, Takeuchi® and Thomas® skid loaders cannot use the Skidsteer Lock, only the E-Series Skidsteer Lock may be used. Please contact TELC for alternative installation instructions prior to ordering for any of the above-mentioned machines. Both products DO work on “joystick” type controls and typical enclosed cabs.


Available with either the high security barrel style keyed lock (comes with 2 keys) or with a built-in changeable combination padlock

Additional information

  • Weight 9 lb
  • Width 7 in
  • Length 12 in
  • Height 4 in


Non-permanent installation skidsteer Lock. Works on enclosed cabs too!

Product Size and Weight Specifications:
E-Series Lock 9 lbs.
Box Size: 3” x 7” x 9”
Any product with a changeable combination lock add 2 pounds.


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