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Secondary Waste Management Rod Wall Containment Berms (Non-Inflatable)

For effectively containing the overspray from the decontamination process of personnel and equipment.

Durable construction for rugged use, these berms are designed for rapid deployment in almost any environment. This equipment will contain any liquid hazardous material waste. These berms are also designed to collect overspray created by the decontamination process. Folds into tight package to fit into a confined space compartment.


  • Heavy duty black PVC-coated, woven polyester material
  • One-piece, welded seam design
  • Sidewalls supported by stainless steel “L” rod supports
  • Side rod supports lay flat for folding & stowage
  • Color stripe at top of berm for visual safety
  • Outlet drain with male GHT shutoff
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Stowage/carry bag optional


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