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Quick Erect Decontamination Shelters

Designed for rapid deployment in virtually any geographical location and environmental condition, this equipment can be used for almost any structural need from sleeping quarters to treatment centers for victims in an emergency response situation.

The Portable Quick Erect Shelter is specifically designed for quick setup and deployment in virtually any geographical location. Designed for use in most environmental conditions, the Quick Erect Shelter may be deployed and used for virtually any type of application and need. The system is extremely cost effective, durable, and lightweight. Proper set up should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes with no tools or air supply required. This unit comes complete with a storage bag, slip-fit frame and 12 ounce white fire retardant Rip-Stop material, which has a 690 PSI burst strength and is ultraviolet and mildew resistant. The translucent qualities of the skin material provides for a bright sunlit interior. The frame is constructed of 14-gauge galvanized steel tubing with slip-fit ends for rapid deployment and disassembly. Unique ratchet skin tie-down system eliminates stress points and keeps the cover tight, thus lengthening the life of the skin. Divider curtains sold separately.


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