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Aluminium Glad Hand Lock

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This is not your average glad hand lock, the body is cast in the USA! Available in cast aluminum.


This is the ideal safety measure to prevent movement of the trailer while it is unsafe or workers are still loading/unloading it.


All Glad Hand Locks can be keyed in one of three options:

  • Each lock keyed alike.
  • Each lock keyed differently.
  • Each lock keyed differently with a master key that can open or close all locks.

Product Code: PF-18, PF 18 or JEN-GHL

Additional information

  • Weight 1 lb
  • Width 8 in
  • Length 10 in
  • Height 2 in


How they work:

  • Clicks locked onto the emergency brake (red) air connection of the trailer.
  • You use the key to unlock it. You turn the key a quarter turn and the lock pops right out, which releases the device.
  • Takes about 2 seconds on and 2 seconds off. No tool needed.Locking System:
  • The same solid, metal lock is used for both versions, comes with two keys.
  • The lock and the keys are inscribed with a code, you use this code to reorder keys.
  • They are small, flat keys.Plastic version uses a plastic body and aluminum version has the same exact lock body but made in cast aluminum. Both weigh just about nothing.

Highly recommended for safety, for example signal to employees that a trailer is not ready to be moved for whatever reason. Like all glad hand locks it’s more of a basic, visual deterrent when it comes to anti theft.

King pin locks are certainly more secure but glad hand locks are more affordable and you don’t need to worry about crouching under a trailer or dealing with grease. Despite their low price, these are no less secure than any other glad hand lock out there.

For another great trailer safety device, see our landing gear leg lock!


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