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Domed HGST “Hook-Loc” with “Grabber” Immobilizer Series

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The HGST Series is built for 1.5 to 3.5-ton trucks, vans, or buses attaching to the front wheel. For semi-tractors, the HGST-24 is ideal. The HGST Series is designed to shred the vehicle’s tire if moved when booted. MITI Manufacturing’s staff or distributors will be pleased to assist with your model selection to ensure the proper fit, function and security before ordering.

  • The HGST-18 model is ideal for all large truck, bus and cargo van applications.
  • HGST-20 and HGST-24 models are ideal for semi-tractor applications.
  • Padlocks (sold separately) are recommended for all units except the PB Series and PBRV Series, which have a built-in locking mechanism.
  • The standard color is orange. Custom colors are available; contact us for details.


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