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DEFIANT Magnetic Padlock

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Capitol’s Magnetic Padlocks are operated by a Magnetic Key, which is uniquely keyed to each lock. Designed primarily for outdoor use, it is ideal for storage, transportation, construction, remote facilitites, mining, commercial or any industrial environment. Its design ensures that the padlock will work even in applications with infrequent use which can cause padlocks to seize over time.

• Over 250,000 magnetic locking combinations and can be keyed alike.

• Robust design keeps the lock mechanism airtight, protecting the lock from water, moisture, or other contaminants, even if left unlocked.

• Marine grade stainless steel shackle resists corrosion in all weather conditions. Boron Alloy shackle resists cutting. 5-second shackle change.

• Absence of a keyway makes the Magnetic Padlock pick-resistant, tamper resistant, and vandal-resistant.

• Easy, one-handed operation due to magnetic force between lock and key


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