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Starting a booting program

March 24, 2017

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Many people call us and ask what we know about starting a booting program. It’s quite simple, and you can reach all your goals, but you need to do a bit of homework first.


Here is our list of tips:


  1. Make sure you’re allowed to operate. You will need to contact your county, or municipality, and inform them of your intentions. There may be some legislation in place which regulates, or in rare cases, prevents booting operations. Any mandates or requirements you are subject to will obviously supersede any tips we can suggest.
  2. Proper signage. In almost all cases, you will need extremely clear signage informing drivers of the possibility of getting their car booted, what to do to avoid it, as well as the costs and procedures involved with removal.
  3. Use the right device. You will need to make sure the equipment you use is up for the job at hand. In some cases you will be able to operate with a simple option like a lightweight Titan Grip. In other cases, you will need something stronger and more effective as a deterrent, like our Urban Boot. No matter what you pick, make sure you’re not wasting time in court trying to recover the cost of a broken boot.
  4. Respond quickly to calls. You should make sure you always have staff available to collect payment and remove boots. This is why tow and impound lots usually operate 24/7. Good customer service matters a great deal in this case and ensures smooth operations.
  5. Keep your fees reasonable. Whether your goal is to increase compliance and improve customer experience for your already compliant customers, or recover lost revenue, make sure the fees you set are reasonable. This is another aspect that is frequently regulated. Obviously you have to cover your costs of installing boots, collecting revenue and removing boots, but keeping costs reasonable will promote a sense of fairness and keep nuisance legal challenges to a minimum.


Operating a successful booting operation is easy as long as you follow these common sense guidelines!


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