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The King pin lock Q&A!

July 25, 2017

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After our successful Questions and Answers post on Denver Boots, we have had many comments and feedback from all types of customers. Thank you!


As a follow up we are pleased to present the most frequently asked questions and answers about the single best way to protect a king pin-based trailer: The king pin lock!


Q: King pin locks are all the same. What makes yours any different ?

A: I’ve heard this more times than I can remember. Our conical king pin locks are NOT the same as your typical run-of-the-mill truck stop 20$ king pin lock. They are far more secure. Buying a good, high quality king pin lock makes all the difference. In addition, our king pin locks use the best lock cores available.


Q: We have fenced yards and/or security guards, so we don’t need king pin locks

A: This may indeed mean you don’t need king pin locks most of the time, but you should still consider all the little exceptions inherent to every day business. These are the exceptions thieves live on. A truck can break down on the way to or from a customer. A driver can be forced to unpin somewhere for whatever reason. The bottom line: Having a small amount of reliable king pin locks eases restrictions on your operations, eliminates the gaps in your loss prevention strategy.


Q: The trailer is dropped at my customer’s facility. It’s their responsibility to worry about king pin locks.

A: There are additional factors to think about. A stolen trailer at your customer’s location may be their responsibility insurance-wise, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience problems on your own. You will be unable to deliver the customer’s goods. Your company’s name could be in the news. You will be deprived of the use of your trailer until the insurance pays and you can replace it, which could be months away. Insurance is a last-resort measure to protect you, it should never be the main loss-prevention strategy.


Q: I bought some red glad hand locks. They are just as good, cheaper and don’t get greasy!

A: We appreciate glad hand locks, we sell some ourselves. They are a really nifty additional means and are a great visual indicator as far as accident prevention. That said, it’s a poorly kept secret they are no where near as secure as a good king pin lock. We recommend them as an additional loss prevention method, or for safety reasons. For example, to make sure a trailer isn’t moved while it’s being loaded, or for a trailer that needs maintenance and shouldn’t be used, but NOT as a single theft prevention measure.


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