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Cargo Theft Prevention Quick Assessment

April 16, 2018

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Cargo theft prevention isn’t something you achieve by accident. You have to continually work at it and remain vigilant. A well-crafted, comprehensive strategy is the only way to cover all the angles and achieve the lowest possible operating risk. The risk one of your trucks, tractors, trailers or their cargo will be stolen will never be zero, but the right approach will help keep it at a manageable level. It goes without saying that simply shrugging your shoulders and saying “I’m insured anyway!” is not a strategy.

We came across this older but really relevant checklist as part of their “Best Practices to prevent Cargo Theft” document, for anyone in charge of their transportation company’s loss prevention strategy. It was compiled by the OTA (Ontario Trucking Association). It was posted on the Port Hope Police Service’s website.

Best practices to prevent cargo theft:

Do you:

1. Have an anti-hijacking policy?
2. Have devices that can immobilize your equipment and are they used?
3. Have a procedure in place to require a vehicle to be locked at all times, using quality locks?
4. Demand that drivers lock the power unit and remove the keys when it is left unattended?
5. Demand that your drivers do not discuss the freight, its value or its destination, with anyone while on the road?
6. Park trailers in unsupervised areas or have approved drop off sites?
7. Have route planning with scheduled stops, and are different routes selected so that a routine pattern is not established?
8. Advise drivers to report anything that is suspicious, particularly strangers asking questions about the load or destination?
9. Adequately identify your vehicle with your company name and unit number?

These are really important questions and we highly encourage everyone to answer them. We are always available to help you with points 2 and 3, as we have always believed high quality locks are a fundamental component of any comprehensive cargo theft prevention strategy. Call us today for a free audit of your strategy!


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