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Are you a logistics acrobat? (Use good cargo security locks)

August 8, 2017

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conical king pin lock

What does an acrobat and some logistics managers have in common ? They take risks and live dangerously! Today we examine how the current context sometimes tempts managers to take risks and how that can be avoided with the right anti theft solution.


  • Evolving security requirements have forced managers to upgrade their facilities and change their practices.

The post 9/11 landscape brings a whole slew of upgraded security requirements, including compliance programs like C-TPAT. These programs mandate many security upgrades like fencing yards, restricting facility access through security gates and visitor registries, using locks and seals on trailers. They also proscribe many previously common behaviors like dropping loaded trailers as needed. Many of these changes are pure common sense and help bring everyone up to speed but they can also be incredibly constricting. They can also bring a false sense of security. Regardless of these programs companies and drivers should always have a good quality king pin lock on hand, especially for unforeseen circumstances like exceptional or seasonal cargo volume, mechanical problems or personnel shortages.


Some managers park trailers with the doors open facing the road to show they are empty.  This can confirm the company’s trailers have been pilfered before and may carry interesting valuables. It also draws attention to the closed trailers that may be on site.


Instead, we suggest using high quality door locks and king pin locks and sending the message you mean business and will take every measure to prevent theft.


  • Managers have benefited from incredibly useful technologies that have swept throughout the industry.

One of the main examples would be GPS asset tracking devices. These have become a standard, essential component of an efficient logistics strategy.

Unfortunately they simply have not been able to curb cargo theft. They are not effective on theft prevention, and recovery too frequently involves finding the trailer empty. “Don’t worry, we’re tracking the trailer!” isn’t very reassuring to a customer who has just been informed his badly needed, hard to replace or time sensitive load got stolen. One customer told us, upon realizing a trailer was missing, that he tracked it online and found it the trailer was actually 2300 miles and two countries away in Monterrey, Mexico. Nice to know!


Our recommendation: use quality king pin locks and air brake locks to deter and prevent theft from happening in the first place, and keep using GPS technologies for what they do best: asset management.


  • New labor regulations have changed “business as usual” when it comes to hours of service, or electronic logging.


Deteriorating infrastructure, hazardous weather conditions and an accelerated transactional environments were already a difficult reality. In addition, new regulations now mandate very precisely how many hours drivers can drive and how long they need to rest before getting back behind the wheel. This means in many cases that drivers have to take long breaks or drop loaded trailers for another driver in unsecured locations. (Most thefts occur in truck stops and other unsecured locations) In other cases, transportation firms must purchase additional trailers to allow drivers to drop the loaded trailer and immediately leave with the empty one instead of waiting for the warehouse employees to unload.


These cases can lead to risky situations and we highly recommend our high security conical king pin locks be used in these cases also. Not only will risky situations be avoided, but you will minimize the stress on yourself and your drivers because they know there is no need to try to squeeze in more driving time.

As you can see, using quality cargo security products will ease problematic pinch-points, seal off gaps and increase flexibility in your logistics chain.

Contact us today for a free audit of your strategy and recommendations!


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