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2018’s first quarter (Q1) Theft report is in.

May 15, 2018

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It’s always interesting to keep an eye on declared thefts and see how things evolve.

Sensitech have released the first quarter theft report for 2018.

Some highlights:

22% fewer thefts than the same quarter in 2017.
Full Truckloads remain the #1 theft event, with 63% of thefts
Electronics remain the most stolen category of good, “Televisions and Displays” the #1 item of the #1 category
California is the #1 state for thefts, 47% of “Electronics” thefts happened in California.
The #1 site for thefts is Unsecured Parking lots for 92% of thefts.

Radically simplifying here, many televisions got stolen from unsecured parking lots in California!


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