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2017 Cargo Thefts: Overall drop but don’t rejoice yet

February 14, 2018

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The Sensiguard (Formerly known as Freightwatch) Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) has released their Cargo Theft Annual Report.


Thefts in the US have reduced for a 4th consecutive year, a 15% drop in volume overall. Sounds great, right ? It does, but there is plenty to worry about when you dig deeper into the data.

  • The United States remains ranked second gravest level on the SCIC risk scale, at “High” risk.
  • Delays in reporting can increase the totals for 2017 above the numbers in the report
  • There is a marked increase in Miscellaneous thefts (primarily LTL shipments)
  • Pilferage rates are record breaking. Pilfering is used as intelligence gathering before obtaining cargo. A 40% rise since 2016.
  • Four out of the top five states have seen an increase or steady theft numbers.


What does all this mean ? The reduction may be hiding a more sinister truth, that thieves may be becoming more sophisticated, not less.


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